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PUA/Game: Men Are Simple and Women Are Complicated

Posted on the 02 January 2019 by Calvinthedog

Men like to say that women are nuts, and truth be told, to us they really do seem that way. But are they really? Probably not.

Women aren’t really nuts at all. They’re just profoundly and confoundingly complicated, like the worst crossword puzzle you ever tried that always seems to be missing a few pieces every time you try to put it together. It’s not only men who can’t understand women. Other women don’t understand women either. I have female friends and I bring my woman issues to them. They are frequently dumbfounded. “I don’t know,” they say. “Women are weird. I don’t even understand them myself half the time.” So even women agree that females are complicated creatures.

Women also believe that men are relatively simple creatures. Give a man a can of beer, a couch and a football game on TV and he’s good to go for the evening. He doesn’t need a whole lot else.

I agree that men are relatively simple compared to incredibly complex females, but keep in mind that men are humans too, and I think we mostly just bury and hide our complexity. We are complex too, but a lot of it is buried so deeply in the psyche that it’s difficult to access, and most men don’t want to access that heavy stuff anyway because intense self-reflection is regarded as unmasculine, masculinity being based on a theory of action as opposed to thought.

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