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Prostate Cancer Surgery in India Lead to New Outlook On Life For A Patient from Ghana

Posted on the 20 April 2021 by Anan Adisa

An early detection of cancer broadens the possibilities of removing and curing it surgically irrespective of the organ or gland it has affected in the body. A patient from Ghana shares his experience of prostate cancer surgery in India.

Ghana patient successful prostate cancer surgery India

Kojo’s problem started with a Urinary Tract Infection, which got worse with time. Recently, he was diagnosed with prostate cancer. He lost muscle control for urination. He also felt weakness and loss of appetite. Kojo was recommended to have immediate surgery. Since there are limited resources in Ghana, Mr. Kojo Boateng decided to get successful prostate cancer surgery in India

During his online search Kojo came across forerunners healthcare’s website and inquired. “Immediately after my query, I received a call from the team. After a detailed conversation regarding my condition, they assisted me with quotes for prostate cancer surgery in India from some of the top cancer hospital and helped me with visa application and accommodation.

So, before even booking my flight tickets I had complete knowledge about the hospital, the doctor, the cost of the treatment and every other nuance regarding my medical trip to India. I was duly received at the airport and was in touch with the team throughout. Forerunners healthcare’s team is very efficient, prompt and organized. It is because of them that my medical trip has been so hassle free”, smiled Kojo.

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In a bid to search for appropriate treatment Kojo reached out to Forerunners healthcare. “I tried for India because they are on the leading edge and have the reputation of being the best”, he says. After speaking to his case manager, Kojo decided that he was going to get treated In India. Forerunners healthcare is a reputed healthcare provider that specializes in cancer treatment. Their associated hospitals employ the latest machinery to treat various types of cancers. With state-of-the-art equipment and top doctors, Kojo’s odds for ridding himself of his cancer were very high.

“As per the suggestion of my friends, I requested my case manager to schedule a consultation with the one person to see for prostate cancer treatment – I was connected to one of the best oncology specialists & cancer doctors in India.” Kojo was extremely happy about his choice of doctors. “My doctor for prostate cancer surgery in India, I came to learn, has been variously described as the guru in this field.” Meanwhile, Kojo’s case manager had all of his scans and patient information sent across to associated hospital.

Patient from Ghana arrived in India. His initial appointment with the surgeon for prostate cancer surgery in India took place the following week. “My doctor put my scans on the screen and we went through them. It was a very caring and logical interaction,” says Kojo. Patient from Ghana says all of his questions and more were answered. “I knew what I was heading into and that it was going to be a hard-fought battle”.

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An immediate prostate cancer surgery in India as performed on patient from Ghana, but only surgery was not the only treatment he had to undergo chemotherapy after the surgery. Over the course of 3 months, Kojo received close to 8 rounds of chemotherapy with multiple hospitalizations. By the end of his last chemo session, the doctor kept Kojo under close observation for 3 days. “He seems to be reacting well to the chemotherapy, the tumor has shrunk considerably; he should show signs of improvement”, said doctor of prostate cancer surgery in India.

Overjoyed by this news, patient from Ghana recalls: “It’s been a very hard fought battle, but thankfully, in the end, we have won.” After healing and regaining strength after prostate cancer surgery in India,Kojo began physical therapy to regain his lost mobility. “Even though the road ahead seems long, the doctor’s reassurance gave me a clear map of what lay ahead. The entire team at forerunners healthcare consultant has inspired confidence and trust.”

After almost three months in India, Kojo made his way back to Ghana. Back in his home country, he sends his love and best wishes to Forerunners healthcare team who supported him along this journey. “After Prostate cancer surgery in India I am feeling very confident about my recovery to full mobility.”

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