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Understand Brain Cancer: Prognosis, Survival Rates and Treatments in India

Posted on the 03 December 2016 by Anan Adisa
Understanding Brain Cancer
Understand Brain Cancer: Prognosis, Survival rates and Treatments in India
Brain cancer can be too scary to hear but if one gets entangled in it, he or she has to struggle to get rid of the same. Well, talking about brain cancer it can be called as a group of abnormal cells, which starts from brain and damages the same. the brain cancer is often the result of the development of these abnormal cells inside the brain, which can arise from the primary brain cells, which form from other components of the brain like blood vessels or membrane. However, with modern treatment methods, if these are diagnosed in the early stage, one can get rid of the same, so the sooner it is diagnosed the better would be the result. 
Dangers of Brain Cancer Key Points
There are many risks of dangers of brain cancers, some of the common ones are indicated as under, let’s check them:
  • Age: The brain tumors can come at any age, however, people with older age are more prone to this menace claims the experts.
  • Medical radiation: If you are exposed to radiation like radiotherapy, CT scans or X-rays to the head or other types of radiation, you are supposed to get the same.
  • Previous Cancer: If you have suffered from the brain cancer, it is likely to get back, which is often due to the corruption of body’s immune system.
  • Genetic conditions: A small proportion of brain tumors are also linked to genetic conditions hence people can have an increased risk of getting a brain cancer.

Besides the above, one can get the risk factors like power lines, mobile phones, hair dye, smoking and alcohol too can cause the menace called brain cancer. 
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How is Brain Cancer Staged?
Understand Brain Cancer: Prognosis, Survival rates and Treatments in India
Brain cancers are often stages though not all the tumor are alike even if they are found in the brain tissues. The staging in brain cancer would depend upon the amount of time it has bypassed along with other condition it has added for the patient. Let’s check the brain cancer stages in the following four ways:
  • Stage I: In this case, the tissue is benign, while the cells look some where like a normal brain cells, and they grow slowly.
  • Stage II:  In this case, the tissue is malignant and the cells unlike the stage I look less like normal cells than the ones found in the first stage.
  • Stage III: The malignant tissue is known to have the cells, which look very much different from normal cells. The abnormal cells are seen actively growing in this stage and these have a distinctly abnormal look and feel
  • Stage IV: These are very much malignant and the tissues are badly affected with cells turns abnormal and tend to grow very much quickly.
Affecting Factors and Survival rates
There are number of factors, which has an impact over the menace called brain cancer. These include the kind of tumors you have in your brain, the stage it has reached, the position of the tumor inside the brain, the shape and size of the brain tumor and the overall medical conditions of the person affected by the same. These factors only put an impact over the surgical rates of the people suffering from brain cancer. Talking about the survival rates, the overall medical conditions and stage of the cancer matters a lot. For people affected with brain cancer found in the stage one, the survival rate is around 8p percent, while in the second stage it can be around 40 and thus it reaches with 20 and 10 percent of survival rate when it comes to the third and fourth respectively.
Brain Cancer Treatment in India Advantages
Understand Brain Cancer: Prognosis, Survival rates and Treatments in India
When it comes to treating the menace of brain cancer in India, there are many benefits attached to the global patients coming to this country. Firstly, it is the cost, which are less than half the ones found in the places like the US or the UK. The quality of oncology services you get is par with the ones found in the western world that too with greater affordability element. The hospitals are par in terms of state of art facilities and top oncologist and cancer surgeons present in all the branded hospitals.
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There is no dearth of good doctors and neurosurgeons when it comes to places like Delhi and Mumbai In India is concerned. These include Dr. Sumit Goyal, Dr. S K Sogani, Dr. (Col.) A K Verma, Dr. Alok Gupta and Dr. Sandeep Vaishya to name a few. These are engaged with top hospitals like Fortis, Apollo, Kokilaben and Breach Candy to name a few. A simple web search can get an insight about these doctors for sure.
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Understand Brain Cancer: Prognosis, Survival rates and Treatments in India

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