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Pros and Cons When Signing with a Major Record Label

Posted on the 18 October 2012 by Daddybear @papaosoflow

Major record labels spend millions of dollars on an artist album, contrary of indie record label that doesn’t have the same economic advantage. There exist differences between working with a major record label and working with an indie record label. Normally, major record labels operate their own distribution and publishing companies. Also, they are global in scale. The dream of any new artist is to be sign by a major record label, but little they know about the pros and cons of signing with a major record label or working as an indie record label. Here are the pros and cons of signing with a major record label.One of the pros of signing with a major record label is the excessive amount of budgeting. Major records labels have more budget or funds to dispose than indie record labels can. These additional assets mean that the major record labels are able to budget first-class production, and physical and digital distribution through the major online stores. They also have the money to invest in world tours, and high-quality music video shoots. Other pros of a major record label are the networking and connections they have. For many decades major record labels have been in the door to most media outlets having the connections to more exposing. The size and reputation that major records have gain is another pros they have over indie record labels. For an indie record labels it may be harder to influence recognize music magazine to do a publication of their latest artist’s album. These kinds of magazines are more incline to do a publication of a new artist of a major record label than an indie record label. One of the cons or negative side of signing with a major record label is that new artists have to fight for attention. Major record labels sign many artists, but if their music doesn’t instantly sound, they will not get any attention from their record label. Another con is that some artist may get unfriendly deals fromthe label. Knowing that major record labels record are a business, they will do anything they can to gain all the money from their investment in artist music and branding. These mean fewer royalties, less control over the music, rights, and creation of the music.Knowing that major record labels are global in scale, indie record labels on the contrary tends to work with other smaller companies. The worthy mechanism that indie record labels have is that they can scope in size. Major record labels are all alike in size, but indie record labels do not have enough money to make the kind of big business that the major records labels can. Artists can find many benefits when signing with an indie record label; they just need to understand the aids of each type of label and knowing what is more important to them. You decide!

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