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Promises Are Meant to Be Broken! But Not Airtel Postpaid Promise

Posted on the 01 November 2017 by Rahul Awana

Have you ever imagined why a number of people opting for postpaid connection is on the rise? Why people believe on the promises made by the telecom companies? The reason is the many advantages of such a connection and the telecom companies fulfilling all promises made at the time of providing postpaid connection. The major company offering promises that can never be broken to its customers is the Airtel Postpaid promise.

Promises are Meant to be Broken! But Not Airtel Postpaid Promise

Mobiles today have been converted into smart phones which serves several purposes other than making, receiving calls, messaging or checking mails. People download payment apps and pay bills online, search for information, use it to book tickets for movies or travel, etc. Postpaid connection service providers fulfill all promises made to the customers leading to better trust and mutual relationship growth between the company and its consumers.

As part of the Airtel Postpaid promise:

#1) Each postpaid customer is entitled to data roll over, where data not used in one month will be added to the balance of the next month. Suppose you have a data allowance of 4GB and are able to use only 2.5 GB, then 1.5 will be added to the next month. In the next month, you will get 6.5 data and are able to use only 2GB data, then in the third month you will get 8GB data. You can accumulate 200GB data! This is one promise to keep customers smiling.

#2) Choose family sharing plans to save 20% of your bill amount. You can customize data allowance and calling minutes of up to 5 family members and share your postpaid plan with them. Again there is no wastage and 20% savings as each member is entitled to the amount of data or calls they are using and saving. As you save, you can be say that Airtel is meeting its postpaid promise offer!

#3) Smartphones have become dear to all of us, and Airtel postpaid promise provides insurance against damage and theft. If you break your phone, it will be picked up, repaired and dropped back. Protection is offered to 60% of the phone value. Additionally, you can opt for the safe cloud services which allow you to save all your phone data – contact list, texts, emails, videos, documents, etc., so, if your phone is stolen or lost, your data is secure.

#4) Unlimited calling on international roaming is another promise made by Airtel. Yes, if you are traveling to a foreign country, you will not have to worry about phone bills when loved ones call you or a colleague needs an explanation to complete a task. This is one promise to help busty professionals meet their commitments.

#5) Unlimited calling is also available with Airtel Infinity plans. As part of the offer, you can send and receive calls on local and national roaming without it impacting your phone bill whatsoever. For a mere INR 599 a month, you can make and receive as many calls as you want, whenever you want, and at the end of the month, your payment will not exceed the plan amount. Additionally, the company also offered free bonus data of 10GB per month for three months to all its subscribers. Enjoy live TV and movies free of cost as part of the postpaid promise plan.

There are lots of reasons to trust on Airtel postpaid promise plans! This is one subscriber offering promises to keep smiles intact with their subscribers.

Promises are Meant to be Broken! But Not Airtel Postpaid Promise

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