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Getting a Postpaid Plan is Easy, Here’s How!

Posted on the 28 December 2017 by Rahul Awana

It is no more a mystery, why numerous mobile phone users are now interested in buying a postpaid connection. The vast range of packages available on Postpaid some of which even allow you to customize your own plan or enjoy unlimited local and STD calls, has made it an obvious choice for many. Hence, a postpaid connection offers greater chances of getting you a better deal. However, the perks associated with the whole affair could make it seem like it is a complicated job to get yourself a postpaid connection. Well, it is easier than you think it is.

Getting a Postpaid Plan is Easy, Here’s How!

In order to get started, a quick call to the customer care center of your preferred network service provider could simplify the easy process to you in a manner that saves time and effort. It basically involves visiting the store of the network service provider nearest to you and submitting the basic documentation like address proof, identity proof and photograph. Keep in mind, linking your phone number to your Aadhaar has become a necessity. They would then make you fill out a migration form after which your documents will be verified, and a new SIM would be allotted to you. Within the given period, which usually takes a few hours, your SIM will be activated, and you are all good to go from there. This is the procedure for switching to Postpaid of another network. However, if you want to avail a new Postpaid connection without migrating from one network to, even then the procedure is not very different anyway. Apart from the migration form, you would be filling out a joining form providing the necessary details.

The path from not having a Postpaid connection to having one has been made even easier as it is now possible to get all this done without visiting the customer care center at all. For example, if you go to Airtel’s website you can customize a plan on their myPlan option and order a SIM card directly to your home with free activation and free delivery. Such is the convenience associated with living at a time when technology has progressed enough to provide you the leisure you deserve to be able to invest your time more wisely. As we talk about investment, it is easy to understand why you cannot wait to switch to Postpaid as it is not only the amazing data benefits but also the cheaper international and unlimited STD calls that make up an offer you do not want to refuse and not even want to delay.

The whole process of applying for a postpaid connection to getting one with an activated SIM card should ideally take about 2 days but it can take a bit longer depending on the technicalities you have to deal with which are anyway kept minimal. It helps to have your postpaid plan selected first as there is a range of offers available in the market. You could go through Airtel postpaid plans to get an idea of the variety that awaits you. However, make sure that the network you opt for not only offers you the best plan but also a great network coverage so that you can enjoy what you sign up for uninterrupted.

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Getting a Postpaid Plan is Easy, Here’s How!

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