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Prom Dress Hunt

By Sandrastanek @Sandrastanek
Realizing so many things at once today, I just felt I had to make another non sense post to share with you all. First of all, I just realized that it's mother's day already TOMORROW (and I thought it already was on March 8 but hell no, it's May DUHHH) so I made a really fast (and quite intense for my age because it looks like a 5 year old made it, and even under those circumstances didn't give a shit damn) wish card using only stuff that's been on my table at that very moment making it soooooo artistic and 3-D using my broken necklace's fake pearls. The jean part makes it actually look kick ass and is inspired by the 70's again. Jeans = way to live. Except I had to sacrifice my old Levi's pants. It was hopefully worth the fail so it looks somewhat like this right now:
Prom dress hunt Wooohoo, I'm so proud of my last minute thing. My mom should be proud too (especially for the 'essay' part of the wish). So one of the problems is dealt with for the moment (until next year). Another consideration to consider (what a good expression) is that the prom's coming which I again realized just now and I have no idea what to wear but since I'm again being inspired by the 70's I, very originally, googled a potential dress right from the 60's - 70's (not the hippie era thanks god) and then I realized the best inspiration would be from The Virgin Suicides, so I'm gonna watch it tomorrow and see what to wear (and I found a gorgeous long white dress so when the weather calms the ... down I'm planning to wear it and I CAN NOT WAIT).
Prom dress hunt
Prom dress hunt The first dress has the perfect cut so that's something to consider except for the shoes because they kind of remind me of a 90 year old woman's shoes (no offense to 90 year olds). The floral pattern in both of the pictures adds freshness to both and therefore is quite suitable for summer prom. I'm so happy I at least got an idea of what I want (except the fact that in the end I'll be wearing something completely different as I know myself, trust me). Just admit it, 70's is the shit and these prom dresses are way to go. Louis Vuitton knows that as well:
Prom dress hunt Not mentioning the bag and the shoes (especially the ostrich bag that completely ruins the whole spirit of the dress), the dress is flawless. I admire that there's been floral pattern used to underline the 60's-70's origin and making it into corset is just a double underline to show the feminine curves and sexiness n stuff.. you know what I mean. The skirt is a different, however a matching, color to the above corset which looks very good because it doesn't look like a dress but 2 separate pieces of clothing which makes the whole outfit more casual in overall. The shoes would be better off without that ugly toilet paper-like piss yellow box, but that can be changed easily for Louboutin's iconic Pigalle heels that underline the feminine nature of women (how clever) and some clutch or handbag (definitely not this bag the model's wearing in the picture) to really make it the 60's as in overall. I love the cut as I already due to the fact that it's so thin in the waist and then the huuuuge skirt. I'm not sure if I'd wear something with corset but yes, I'm definitely going for the skirt. And if not leather, than this is the shit:
Prom dress hunt A definite vintage prom dress with the perfect cut, with the perfect color, with the big skirt, with no corset but still thinned in the waist. FUCK YES. I especially love the box all over the skirt to outline that the skirt is HUGE and to add another one of my favorite cliche parts, it's every little girl's (and mine) dream to have the huge 'disney princess' skirt, even though I'm not wearing it because I've seen Cinderella wear it. Even in the same color. Holy shit, or am I actually?
PS. Happy name day dad
PPS / PSS (?????). Happy early mother's day mommy

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