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Project Noah-A New Experience!!!!

By Krishnaidu88 @krishnaidu88

Yesterday I was just browsing through the National Geographic website for news feed….when I came across a really attractive  badge documenting wildlife which read “Earn some cool badges-Project Noah”….My first thought that may be this some new site for nature lovers….and may be even we could get the codes for these really cool badges from their website which we could advertise on our blogs….

Project Noah-A New Experience!!!!

So out of curiosity I clicked on this badge….to end upon the “Project Noah” website….After browsing through the website for some time,I finally came to conclusion that these catchy badges are such for getting viewers hooked onto the site….We bloggers can’t post them on our widgets

….Anyway,The only good thing that happened was I loved the site….This site is actually a heaven for nature lovers and crazy photographers who don’t miss on any chance to use their cameras to capture new and old sightings…Noah is an acronym for “Networked organisms and habitats “….

Project Noah is free mobile application that allows the users to upload pictures of species that they stumble upon…..You simply need to create an account….Whenever you want to contribute you can click on “Upload a sighting” option in your account….say where this sighting with the help of Google maps….and write up a description….If you are fortunate enough to know the exact name,genus and species,then you can add that as well….But if you don’t anything about the plant or animal whose picture you have uploaded….Not a big deal….You can just tag it as unknown….and if someone from the Noah community has any information related to that organism…they will post back and let u know…Bingo


The website has different options….The home page displays your account with a catalogue of recent sightings all mixed up….The next option is named “Organisms” where you will find a classification of identified and unidentified species….The third option is for Map where you can actually see the world map…..The recent sightings country wise are shown on the map….Next option after that is my favorite-MISSION….This segment has 5 categories- Bioblitz,Butterflies and Moths,Birds,Dragonflies and Damselflies,Best Wildlife Picture!!!!…..This segment is properly organized,so you could just click on the segment of your choice and search for your desired organism


All in all….This site is great educational trip for anyone who is interested in intricacies of Nature….This site is nice platform for nature lovers to exchange their photographs and knowledge….So please do find some time from your busy schedule and visit this site….I promise you won’t regret it


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