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Pro Balm Review

Posted on the 24 January 2012 by Exceedpossibility @exceedpossible
At the end of last year I had the opportunity to test out a new product from a new company; it was pretty exciting helping out a start up and seemed like a great idea. This company was Pro Balm and I was lucky enough, along with a few others, to be a product tester. After meaning to post this review for weeks I've finally got around to it now!
Pro Balm Review
Pro Balm is a 100% natural product, made here in the UK, for all of the active people out there. The balm sets out to rapidly repair damaged skin for those who put their hands and feat through the mill a bit - whether it's cimbing, walking or cycling. A combination of beeswax, three fixed oils (Grape seed, Jojoba and Almond) and essential oils make up this good looking, nicely smelling 'puck' of Pro Balm.
Having been one of the first people to test out the product and now having the opportunity to review it in its final state is great (in the picture above is my initial test puck and the final complete product!). I used the puck extensively after climbing sessions and runs throughout November and December and really found it useful - I often get bad cuts and sore red areas on my fingers after climbing and areas of irritated skin on my feet after running. While Pro Balm didn't cure these instantly and completely it went a long way to doing so. The effects of the balm could be felt the next morning which was really impressive; I've carried on using it since and been really happy with the results. There may be plenty of other skin care products out there but this is aimed at the active people out there like us; this little niche has, and will, prove a success I'm sure - it's great stuff and I'd highly recommend it!
Check out www.probalm.co.uk for more on the Pro Balm Active 'puck' for 'Active Skin' and be sure to give it a go yourself; a great balm and the pleasure of supporting a lovely up and coming business that I was genuinely very impressed with - lovely people and great service (shame my review was a little delayed, apologies Pro Balm!)

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