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Priority & Frustration… ( They Kinda Go Together…)

By Jenrene

I’ve been  using  the word “kinda”  in a lot of my blog posts lately…

So PRIORITY, my word for the year is bugging me… ( already)  man.’. it just is..’

Utica Sq.Clock

 Can I JUST be frank?

It’s really no joke. One of the things I am realizing about myself is that I  stay up late to avoid prioritizing first thing in the morning. Like, right now, its 12:51 a.m. and I am  still awake writing!  And I tell myself ( to justify this act) : “It’s the best time to write!” Well, not if your body is aching and trying to get out of bed in the a.m. and you lose half of your morning trying to justify time spent last night, in wasted effort! Well, even though its not wasted, its time NOT WELL SPENT!

I can’t get mad at no one but myself. I have sort of a rebellious nature, I am finding out. This word is challenging and KICKING my butt, already! I didn’t know I was so rebellious, I really didn’t know that. And since I am  currently in a first- of-the-year consecration, I really need to PRAY  that one out of me! so, because I am completely transparent, (sometimes)  I am gonna be real about what I am thinking.. I am thinking I don’t HAVE to, so why do it… NO!!!! That’s not why you  don’t set priority, Jenn!

What a proud way of thinking! You can’t get too far with pride, because the Bible says:” Pride cometh before a fall, and a haughty spirit before destruction…”  ( Proverbs 16:18)  Who knew…. that pride was underneath all this need for more discipline!! (Augggggghhh! )

Funny how God’s spirit can show us things about ourselves we were completely unaware of!

Okay, so that’s my first lesson on pride:  DO NOT  ENCOURAGE IT, WITH A PROUD ATTITUDE…!!!

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