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Primark Beauty - Nail Polish

By Obviousleigh @Obviousleigh
Primark Beauty - Nail PolishPrimark Beauty - Nail PolishPrimark Beauty - Nail PolishPrimark Beauty - Nail Polish
 This is the first time i have ever dabbled in the Primark beauty section but its because i am just not that keen on buying makeup from clothing shops, simple as. I brought this set of nail varnishes for the candy green and the cornflower blue color. Although I'm not keen on the bright pink, i really do think the other three really compliment each other so for four nail varnishes you can't complain for £2!
As i said they were £2 so you pay for what you get. In the picture above i have only applied one coat on which you can tell this is so you the reader can see the quality of the paint. The blue and green color definitely need another coat on, but the pinks seem to look fine with the one coat. I am pleased that the colours are true to the color in the container.. Its a real pet hate of mine when the color looks different on your nails out of the container. The first day of wearing the blue nail varnish was fine but come the second day they started to chip therefore i was re-painting. For the price i am not really bothered that they chipped and i really like two of the colours, so i really am not complaining!
Have you tried any of the Primark Beauty section? If so, What do you recommend?
Thanks for readingLeigh <3

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