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♥ Press Down Pump Bottle ♥

By Lipglossaffairs @justsangy
Last time i went for a Manicure at a local Parlour, i saw the lady using these Pump bottles to dispense the polish remover. It did caught my fancy back then and ever since i was looking for one. Not that its a must-have product, but then it does save you from spilling the remover and over drenching the cotton. Oh, believe me it did happen to me and its a waste of money if your remover is from Sally Hansen or any other good brand. And besides it does look pretty neat lying on the table, so why not??Well, I did manage to find one sometime back from Konad on, which till now is out of stock!! And when i found it on BornPrettystore for just 2.20$ i had to get it.Here's the pic of the pump bottle (already transferred my Sally Hansen remover into it) ~
♥ Press Down Pump Bottle ♥
What i Love ~
  • Decently priced, these bottles are a catch! 
  • Eliminates the chance of spillage of the product 
  • Doesn't over drench the cotton
  • The transparent bottle allows you to know the quantity of the product leftover
  • Looks pretty neat lying on the table
  • Most of all, doesn't come with a brand name or what its supposed to be used for, making it convenient to use for even toners and astringents
Except for the availability issue, there's nothing i dislike about this one!!
So have you got your Press Down Pump Bottle yet???
Buy the same here

And BornPrettyStore has come up with a new variant in this one which is pretty cute. Priced at 3.35$, all pink and white color lovers would love this ...
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♥ Press Down Pump Bottle ♥Pic Courtesy - BornPrettyStoreBorn Pretty Nail Art
♥ Sangy
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