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Preparing for Upper and Lower Endoscopes

By Ladyexpat
Preparing for upper and lower endoscopesThursday we got more blood work done on Blue Rock as well as took in another stool sample.  We found out that he is extremely anemic, not just slightly like they originally said.  The doctor recommended we have an endoscope and colonoscopy done on our 2 year old.  This makes me so sad and somewhat scared.  On the otherhand, I am so thankful that we are in Texas and (hopefully) able to finally find out why our son is vomiting so frequently.  Sadly, we had to end our visit with my in-laws early so we could have the procedure done near my parents who live by really great doctors.  There's an excellent children's hospital here and I feel more comfortable having this done here than in Germany.  We have dealt with this for over a year and found no answers in Germany.  We've only talked to the pediatric doctors about this when we probably should have just gone on our own and found a specialist.  But we are here now and hopefully will find some answers tomorrow.
Today was hard.  Blue Rock could only have clear liquids - juice, Gatorade, tea, lemonade, water, broth, Popsicles, and Jell-O.  He had to take 4 cap fulls of MiraLax in 16 oz. of liquid within 4 hours.  He drank it within 20 minutes.  Then he had to drink 8 oz. of liquids within 2 hours after that.  He passed with flying colors and had 24 oz. down in less than an hour.  I offered him lots to drink today, plenty of little Popsicles - I love the selection of Popsicles in the States - and Jell-O, which he didn't like. I was worried he would ask for his favorite foods but he didn't ask for Almond milk until it was time for bed.  Then he sweetly said, "I would like some Almond milk for dinner, please."  I told him he wasn't able to drink Almond milk tonight but could have water, juice, lemonade, or Gatorade.  He wanted lemonade.  
MiraLax is strong and it was messy today. My parents and husband were awesome!  They were a huge help when there was a big leaky, explosion of poo that got all over the carpet.  It frightened Blue Rock as he didn't know what was going on except he was leaking poo everywhere.  I felt so bad for my little boy.  But overall he was such a trooper and really did an excellent job today.  I could not be prouder of him.
We go in the morning for the endoscope and colonoscopy.  Please say a prayer for us that Blue Rock does well with the anesthesia, the doctors and nurses take good care of him, and they figure out what is causing the vomiting and anemia. I know lots of people are already praying, but I wanted to extend the request to those I don't know personally.  God is great and I know He will take care of us.  Thank you.

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