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By Rubytuesday
So My interview is tomorrow at 3pmAnd all systems are go to prepare for itI sat down with my sisters and mom yesterday evening And went over possible questions that I may be asked I jotted them all downAnd I also researched the charitySo I will know if I am askedIt actually seems like a really great organisationFounded here in Ireland in 1844They are the largest voluntary organisationTheir main goal is to help individuals and families alleviate povertyIt's such a force for goodAnd is something I would love to be involved inI also rang a guy I know Who works in the same areaHe was a great help And gave me some insider knowledge As well as key buzz words that interviewers look for Last night I sorted out my outfit Louisa suggested that I not wear the typical interview uniformBlack blazerBlack slacks And a white shirt This is a safe bet But as Louisa pointed out Everyone will be wearing that And it might be good to wear something else Just so I stand out I have a navy blue dress I could wear But I will make a final decision later on today
My sister pointed out that interviewers want to see personality And I hope I come across friendly yet professional Capable and able With a can do attitudeI hope I can show that I work well on my own and can use my initiative But also work well as part of a teamAnd can take direction wellI want to show that I am a good all rounder My sister alwAys saysIf you wAnt something doneAsk RubyBecause I am quick and efficient And get the job done So if I could manage to get that inThat would be greatI guess I want to sell myself But not come across as arrogant or over confidentBalance me thinks If I can communicate that I am enthusiastic and motivated I minght just have a chance  Now it's just a waiting game Keep going over my notes Keep hoping that  I do wellKeep fighting for a better life

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