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Precious Panama ...

Posted on the 10 April 2014 by Tlb Music Blog @TLB_Blog
They're fresher than the average, and a little bit quirky, but that is most definitely something we've become fond of within the industry. Panama Wedding have newly been signed to US label, Glassnote Records, and are looking to break into the UK market with their brilliant new little track, All Of The People. It's early days yet, and with only a lyric video to hand, we feel that this is one that the future will bring success to.
Precious Panama ...There's a particularly fine line with these guys between Pop and Indie music. Bastille have achieved it before them and managed worldwide success, and so with their name creeping up right behind it, could be a very good sign.
There are elements of 80's sounds in the instrumentation, and even with some of the words they use, like "database". We know its silly, but there's something about that era that makes you want to be there, be excited, and this track sums it up in a way like not many others.
The vocals aren't the most dramatic, nor the most technically able ... but they more than do the job in the same way that Forrest Kline managed to for HelloGoodbye (yeah, blast from the past right?). Anyhow, it's as though they're more than capable of singing, but for a bit of sexiness, huskiness, and overall likability, they have been somewhat stripped ... though, this does give off the desired effect in a cheerful, chirpy little number that we can envision ourselves listening to for days, weeks, and months to come!!

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