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Prebiotics & A Healthy Tummy.

By Simonea
Prebiotics & A Healthy Tummy.
I've heard of probiotics but had never heard of prebiotics when I saw them mentioned in a newspaper article recently.
Whilst probiotics are so-called friendly bacteria found in a variety of food, including yogurt drinks & supplements, prebiotics are complex carbohydrates designed to support & increase your "good" bacteria by feeding them.
Probiotics contain good bacteria, prebiotics do not.
Probiotics consist of live & perishable bacteria, hence why they usually need to be chilled or stored under particular has been estimated that you need to take at least 10 billion live bacteria in a dose of probiotics to be of some benefit.
Prebiotics are highly stable & unaffected by storage or temperature, they are also resistant to the body's enzymes & so reach the colon intact & unaltered where they then work naturally to help the body's good bacteria to grow & multiply.
Prebiotics occur naturally in some fruits & vegetables but would have to be eaten in impossibly large quantities in order to gain the benefits.
Prebiotics can however be extracted from natural sources & there are now newer and much more effective forms available.There is however just one second generation prebiotic & this is Bimuno which is known to be the most effective at increasing the good bacteria in the gut.
Good bacteria promote general digestive health & well-being and also help your natural immune system.
To read more about Bimuno, see here & here....

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