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Pre-Watershed Nudity – is It Acceptable?

By Tempestra @tempestra1

I do love a good murder-mystery and the BBC’s Sherlock Holmes series is a corker.  It is intelligently written and highly entertaining – largely down to a strangely sexy Holmes and some cracking chemistry between the characters.  So I was really surprised to read today that people have been complaining about some slightly risqué scenes – all because it was before 9pm.

The scenes in question feature actress Lara Pulver parading around naked – shock, horror – a full 25 minutes before the watershed.  Thing is, the nudity was very tastefully done.  You only saw part of her body, and always from behind.  No full frontal – no breasts were shown (much to my boyfriend’s disappointment!).  And then there was another, where she was shown wearing a thong and carrying a whip as she approached a woman tied to a bed – but again, it was all mere suggestion, nothing overtly kinky!  I would not have thought twice about any of this being a problem for viewers of a ‘sensitive’ disposition.

Pre-Watershed Nudity – is it acceptable?

I don’t yet have kids of my own, but if I did I’m sure I would be far more concerned by some of the images and stories they could be exposed to on the 6 O’Clock news: murders, violence, hatred.  These people who whinge about a splash of sauce and spice should really just live a little and enjoy it for what it is – a bit of fun!

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