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Praise for Beyond Highbrow

Posted on the 20 October 2014 by Calvinthedog

Here is an example of the some of the praise I have gotten around the Net. I don’t have only haters, you know.

First, on the non-Bigfoot stuff:

Lindsay is an indie version of Michael Moore or John Pilger.

RL seems like one of those nonconformist, brilliant, independent thinkers – the kind of people I really admire, and the kind that you *never* see in the MSM.

And now from the Bigfoot Net, where I am most reviled:

Steven Steufert: Re. Robert Lindsay, well, he seems like a cool guy to me, to the extent that I’ve heard him, and discussed things with him via email. He is just a curious guy delving deeply into the Bigfooting rumor mill. He has found some amazing things, even if not all of it is actually true in the end.

He should be commended for the dogged determination he has shown in digging up these things and developing the network of contacts and sources that he has. I say this in reference to his Bigfoot news, not whatever other views he has expressed (to great controversy) on his blog. He has a right to his own personal opinions, and really, whatever they are, they have very little to do with the quality of information in his Bigfoot articles.

Sharon Lee: I am starting to think that maybe we should pay more attention to Robert Lindsay.

Bigfoot Forums: Anyone still willing to state RL is irrelevant and just pulls stuff from his posterior side? The guy has contacts. Never 100% correct, but don’t dismiss his ramblings.

Bigfoot Forums: What is interesting is that this reviled blogger gets so much traction. I visit the blog for the Bigfoot news; I can’t help it. Sadly, I researched a lot of his claims – some I am intimate with personally. It is not all garbage. Inflammatory yes, but interesting how that works. Each raising of the anger bar brings more players out talking.


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