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Powerlifting 101:

By Keithpayne
Here's another point made at the last seminar. Let me know what you would add to the list below.
Have you ever shown up at a powerlifting meet only to realize you forgot to bring something you need? It is very common to see a lifter walking around asking his/her fellow lifters if they have an extra singlet or knee wraps on meet day. Many times lifters will show up at weigh-ins without their membership card or paperwork needed for registration. It is very easy to leave home wi...thout things you will need. If you are prone to forgetfulness like I am it may be beneficial to create a Meet Day Checklist.
Below is a partial list of things you may need.
Weightlifting Belt
Deadlifting Socks
Extra Underwear
Change of Clothes
Shoes / Slippers
Spare Shoe Laces
Food / Drink
Wraps / Sleeves (knee / wrist)
Supportive Suits / Shirts
Kilo / Pound Conversion Chart
Rubber Bands
Music / ear phones
Toilet Tissue
I’m sure you can think of things to add to this list.
With travel plans, meal preparation, potential weight cutting, etc. there are a ton of things on your mind just before a meet. Be as prepared as you can be.
Powerlifting 101 articles are focused on primary fundamentals of powerlifting and are designed to help novice lifters. For more Powerlifting 101 articles visit www.
Keith Payne CSN, CPT, YFS
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