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Power of Internet

By Velsprim8 @velsprim8
This is my proudest post for You (introduced by Purushothaman) and entry for Vodafone's contest- Internet is fun
IntroductionWhen I was studying in school (I think during my STD VIII), I was among the one of the 5 students who were allowed to access computer in our school. That was too happened twice in that year.On those days, the computer was itself a miracle to us and drawing lines, circles and doing simple calculations (Now I guess that system may had been set up with command prompt (dos) operating system)It was like flying when I was using an internet connection (dial up) in my starting days of working (before 10-12 years)But even now, I am quite in buoyancy about using internet in my mobile phone.

DevelopmentThe computer -Hardware, software and its accessories' development is limitless and unbelievable now. The connection between the computers spread all over the world is termed as Internet.The growth of Internet and its service providers are amazing and still growing. Any object-inventory-page has two sides. Internet also could not bypass it. Yes Internet has the equal number of advantages and disadvantages. It depends on the people handling it.I wish to register one of the positives, advantages of Internet. This could not be possible without the help (in the name of introduction) from Mr. Purushothaman, my Indi Co Blogger.Shout outIt is a website designed by two persons Avinash MB and Santosh AR. I wish to give an introduction only (about the website and process). It is meant for customers in India only.

The website provides a portal for registering your grievances about any product, service other than government matters in INDIA.
The website claims that they would contact the customer for their grievance and confirmation before posting in their website for genuineness. 
They claim that the complaints registered and posted in their website create a powerful negative traffic against the service providers, brands and products which in term indirectly force the particular service provider, brand, product to correct their mistakes.
I wish the one and all my co blogging friends to pass this message and visit the website for more details.
The website also states that they do not bear any responsibility for the sorting of corresponding grievance or any further follow ups.
Power of Internet
Any initial in the aim of goodness of the people is SERVICE to the human. Since the world is shifting towards internet for relations, business and development, the power of internet is increasing like giants.
ConclusionI wish to conclude this post with a proverb,  " Anything with you within your needs is your servant;                     Anything with you more than your needs is your boss"You chose between, who are you?posted by: vels / http://www.velsprim8.blogspot.comPosted by Vels

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