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Potato Phulka

By Harini
This potato phulka is similar to my potato chapathi,only thing is there are no spices in the dough and the roti is cooked directly on the burner for 30 seconds.after cooking on stove top for a minute or 2.Ideally a phulka should not be cooked with ghee but I cooked it with little ghee.Also after one or two phulkas I really lost patience and I did not cook them on burner directly :). In which ever way you cook these phulkas are super soft,moist and utterly delicious.You actually wont even realize you are eating it as such with out any side dish.Very soft,light in color,these phulkas will for sure attract kids.They stay soft even when packed for lunch.Try out and you will agree.
Potato phulka
Potato phulka recipe
Star ingredients:whole wheat flour and potato
Time:30 minutes
Potato phulka
2 1/4 cup whole wheat flour
2 large potatoes boiled peeled and mashed
1/2 cup milk
1 cup water
Ghee for cooking phulkas
1.Boil and peel the potatoes.Mash them very well.
Potato phulka2.Now add all the ingredients except ghee and start kneading.
3.Do not add any water while kneading.The softness of phulkas lies on the kneading.Knead very well to a soft,smooth and pliable dough.
Potato phulka4.Make 20 equal sized balls.
Potato phulka5.Roll oit into circles little thicker than chapathi.
Potato phulka6.Cook on stove top for one minute and next 30 seconds on the burner directly.
Potato phulka7.Apply some ghee and stack.Serve hot
Potato phulkaNotes:
1.I added ghee put it is purely optional.
2.You can use warm water as it makes the dough really soft.
3.Do not add more water as potato lends lots of moisture to the dough
Potato phulka

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