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Post-Holiday Winter Bucket List

By Popcornandpandas @popcornpandas


Is it really 2020, you guys? Can't believe we are in a new decade.

Now that the holidays are over, it's typically what I refer to as the "time of the year where it's so cold that I can't wait for it to be over and for spring to arrive."

This year, I honestly can't say that. It's been the warmest winter we've had in maybe my whole lifetime...truly...and maybe we won't have a chance to do half of this bucket list after all....but alas, the boys and I are usually scrounging for things to do this time of year. We go into a little hibernation mode, get a little bored trying to think of things to do, and we get a little stir crazy too.

So THIS year, we decided to come up with a Post-Holiday Winter BUCKET LIST! We normally do one for summer, so why not do one NOW and make this winter season a little more exciting with fun things to look forward to?

We wrote ours out on paper a couple weeks ago, and we've already crossed out ice skating and making pasta fagioli! Our list is fairly specific to our family, so in order to create one for sharing, I tweaked this printable list below to make it a bit more universal. It does tend to sway to a "family style" bucket list. However, there are lots of ideas for winter things to do that everyone can enjoy, with or without children. I also included a space to add your own ideas as well!

I hope you enjoy, and I hope this makes your winter season a little less mundane!



Post-Holiday Winter Bucket List

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