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Possible Major Break in the Delphi Murders Case Coming Soon

Posted on the 11 June 2017 by Calvinthedog

In the past few days, no less than three online discussions of the Delphi murders have been shut down. First this thread on Topix which ran to over 200 pages. Then a large thread on the murders on Reddit was taken down. Only administrators can take down Reddit threads. Right around the same time, the vast thread on Websleuths was taken down due to “no significant developments in the case.” It is quite unusual for Websleuths to lock down a huge thread like that.

So why were three huge Delphi threads taken down at three large websites all around the same time?

It doesn’t make sense unless LE asked them to take it down. This to me implies a possible major break in the case.

Meanwhile, we at Beyond Highbrow feel that we identified the man on the bridge a few weeks ago. We have since assembled quite a bit of good albeit circumstantial evidence against this POI. Whether there is enough against this man to justify an arrest, much less charges or even a warrant, I have no idea.

We also have a lot of photographic and even some video evidence to bolster our case, in addition to many witness statements. In fact, we believe we were in communication with the killer for a while. We believe we know the vehicle that was used in the case and we have obtained a photograph of that vehicle with the POI next to it that was shot on the morning of February 13, maybe eight hours before the crime. The woman who took the photo has stated that the man in front of her house that morning is the same man as the one on the bridge.

We also believe that LE did not retain Libby’s phone. The killer took her phone and disposed of it. We believed that the phone may be in the gravel pit lake on the Mears property 1/2 mile from the crime scene. We think he threw the phone into the lake. We believe the lake should be dredged or they should have a dive team go down there to look for that phone. If LE won’t do it, maybe the Mears should drain the lake themselves.

We also suspect that the Delphi Killer may have been involved in the arson killings of four Black girls in Flora, Indiana several months before. The fire was originally thought to be accidental but it was later stated that it might have been arson. We believe it was an arson fire.

We also are very worried for the safety of Karena McClerkin, an 18 year old Black girl who went missing in October 2016 from Kokomo, Indian not too far from Delphi or Flora. We fear that she may be dead, and the only reason she is still called missing is because her body has not been found yet. We believe this due to witness statements we have obtained regarding her abduction. We also feel that the Delphi Killer, in addition to being involved in the Flora Fire, may have killed Karena McClerkin.

We would love more than anything to be wrong about the fate of Ms. McClerkin, and we have no solid evidence of whether she is dead or alive, but the things we have been hearing are not good. Let’s hope they are just bad rumors.

The motives for the Delphi murders are not known, nor is the motive for the Flora Fire known, although racism is a possibility. If Ms. McClerkin is a victim, we have no motive in that case either. But we feel that one man may be responsible for up to seven homicides in the area around Kokomo, Indiana in a four month period.

A few other things.

The killer smokes cigarillos, and is in fact smoking one in the photo.

We also have photos of our POI on 2-12 the day before the crime and on 2-14 the day after the crime. The photos may be significant.

The killer is left-handed.

We know a lot of other things that we should not discuss right now.

Of course we have asked LE to look at all of our evidence.

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