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Possible Major Break in the Delphi and Evansdale Murders

Posted on the 10 March 2017 by Calvinthedog

This Delphi murders case has not had much to offer us but grief and disappointment for the last month. The investigation in my opinion, has not gone anywhere. I don’t think they even have any decent POI’s.

However I think this may be changing now, and I am now very optimistic that this case can be solved or at least I think LE is finally onto a really decent POI, let’s put it that way. I strongly believe that this POI did both the Evansdale and Delphi murders. Now whether they can actually gather enough evidence to arrest him in either of those cases is another matter altogether. It will certainly be very hard to tie Mr. X to Evansdale because so much time has passed and other factors I will not go into. Bottom line is after four years, it’s going to hard to develop any actionable evidence against him in that case.But we are only a month into the Delphi case, so there’s a much better chance to gather good evidence in this case. But LE needs to jump on this right now. Not now. Yesterday.

The break is thus:

  • The best suspect in the Evansdale case is a man I will call Mr. X. I never thought they had any decent suspects in that case, and to me, this guy had the best case of anyone so far. Granted, the evidence is all circumstantial, but to me it is quite convincing. That is all I will say about this matter for now.
  • The major break is that Mr. X, the best suspect in the Evansdale case, has now been positively identified as the man on the bridge in Delphi. The person who ID’d Mr. X as Bridge Man knows him very well. In fact, this person lived with him for some period of time, possibly for 5-10 years. I have no information on whether this person ID’d Mr. X’s voice too, but I know they ID’d the photo.
  • In addition, there were a couple of good suspect vehicles in the Delphi case. One was of the suspect vehicles a certain model of car that was parked on a very little used road that most did not even know was there. Mr. X drives this same model of car, or at least he did at the time of the Evansdale murders in 2012.

That is all for now. I do not want to say too much about this case, and I am working together with some other sleuths to figure out how much information I should release at once. I may just dribble it out bit by bit. I do not wish to jeopardize or interfere with the police investigation in the Delphi murders in any way, shape or form. That is why I am being so cautious with what I release. I know about 100 X more about Mr. X than I have written here, but I am not going to go into any of that right now.

Yes, police have been notified, and I believe they are working on the Mr. X lead right now. LE dropped the ball badly on Mr. X in the Evansdale case,  and I hope that doesn’t happen again.

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