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Possible Huge Break in the Delphi Murders

Posted on the 06 March 2017 by Calvinthedog

From a source who claims he got this straight from LE:

  • Bridge Unsub in the case is related to one of the girls. I know which one, but I am not going to say for now. I don’t get it. I thought the families were cleared.
  • He had one accomplice. This is what I had always suspected.
  • These two men will be arrested within the week. Apparently LE is building a case against them. This is surprising. I thought this would go unsolved for some time.
  • It’s tied in with the drug trade, methamphetamine dealing in particular. This is the last thing I would suspect.

Assuming this is true:

  • Then sexual assault or thrill killing is not a primary motive. But why kill both girls? Was there an attempt to kill only one of the girls, and the other one was in the way? Just because a woman is sexually assaulted in the course of a crime does mean that was the primary motive. A lot of the time there is some other motive, and the criminal thinks, “Well, while I am at it, I may as well rape the bitch and take advantage of my luck here.”
  • Apparently sexual sadism and are pedophilia ruled out. Pedophilia was always odd as the girls were 13 and 14. That’s a bit old for most pedophiles who generally like them 12-under. Sure, teenage girls get killed all the time for sexual motives, but the person who does this is completely different from the  child killer. The man who kills teenage girls is much the same fellow as the one who kills adult females. He’s not pedophilic and is generally sexually  normal in the sense that his sexual preference is for mature females like most men.  However, the motivations of sexual sadism are often the same, and the killer, especially if a serial, is typically a psychopath.
  • Problems with the theory:
  • Boy, this sure was a fancy crime for a couple of druggies from the sticks! If it’s a revenge killing, why target the girls? The girls were apparently not into drugs. Why rape them too? The revenge killers usually do not rape the woman.
  • This guy was locked and loaded and ready to rock and roll. He appears to be an expert at this sort of thing, possibly through long years of practice. He is very good at what he does. This implies a more pure sociopath and a primary motive of a sexual disorder such as pedophilia or sexual sadism. These men plan their crimes down to the last millimeter. This guy was fully prepared for this down to the disguise and the gun. He expertly took control of the girls and led them off the bridge without anyone seeing a thing. He then apparently led them to a vehicle without being seen once again. He took them somewhere in the vehicle or to a structure where rapes and murders occurred. Then he somehow returned the girls to the site between 2:30 AM-9:30 AM on 2-14, once again without being seen. He had the presence of mind to disrobe at least one of the girls and throw her clothing in the creek where any DNA would presumably wash off. He used a knife in a gruesome way. This is usually sexual-motivated killer or even a serial. Revenge killers usually don’t use knives. Knives are messy. They like guns. Bam! Bam!, and they’re gone.
  • Revenge killers are often disorganized killers. Delphi Unsub is a master criminal par excellence. He is very much an organized killer and even looks like a signature killer. Revenge killers are usually not signature killers.
  • What about the apparently obvious tie-in with the Evansdale killings in 2012? There are almost too many similarities there to make sense. The Evansdale killer was also a master criminal just like the Delphi killer.
  • All I have to say is that if this is true then I am quite shocked. This is not what I expected.
  • Please take this rumor with a huge grain of salt. I get sure thing tips all the time that never pan out. This is being reported strictly as a rumor with all of the caveats and warnings that go along with that, to say the least. Don’t report it as verified or factual because it is certainly neither.

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