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Politician Seeking Re-Election Runs Red Light On A Dare From Kid With Reporter In The Car

By Nottheworstnews @NotTheWorstNews

Yahoo reports that Christy Clark, the leader of British Columbia, Canada (officially the “Premier,” which is like the “Governor,” for our American readers) is in some hot water after intentionally running a red light with her kid and a reporter in the car, on a “dare” from her son.

She’s up for re-election, by the way.

Could it be worse? Of course! Here’s:

3 Dumber Things A Politician From British Columbia Could Do With A Reporter In Their Car

1. Say “This province needs to be more British, and less ‘Columbia!’” And then start driving on the British side of the road a.k.a. “the wrong side of the road in Canada.”

Not A New Car!

Painting angry teeth on your car to scare off other traffic does not make it a good idea to run red lights, either.

2. Say “This province needs to be more “Colombia” and less “British Columbia!” And then throw British Columbian marijuana out the window and pull out a bag of Colombian cocaine.

3. Say “This province needs to be more B.C., and by ‘B.C.’ I’m referring to the prehistoric-era comic strip where the main character drives around on one wheel.” And then remove three tires from the car and drive through a red light on a dare.

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