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More People Are Watching the Masked Singer Than Fox News and CNN Combined!

By Nottheworstnews @NotTheWorstNews

As President Trump gets set for his latest rally this Saturday, we expect chants of “CNN sucks.” Apparently some think there is a popular divide as to which corporate-owned cable news channel is cooler to sit and watch with the volume as high as possible.

According to Forbes, about a week ago, Hannity lead the ratings at almost five million people per average show, while Laura Ingraham had a record-setting week of 4.3 million viewers.  CNN clocked in at about 2.5 million viewers on average in prime time.

In other words, based on Neilsen Ratings, more people in America watched the latest episode of the Masked Singer than any episode of whatever was on CNN or Fox News. That’s right, 7.8 million people voluntarily tuned into a mystery mascot singing competition!

America has proven what we always knew: it is always “cooler” to hug a stranger in an Egg Mascot costume on Instagram than hug Chris Cuomo or Tucker Carlson. (Especially during a pandemic: do not hug opinion hosts during a pandemic… unless they are wearing a standard-issue N95 Muppet mascot suit to protect them from your breath.  Which is what we assume is the latest preferred fashion statement on the recent CNN X Sesame Street collab).

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