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Pluto Goes Direct - The Start of Something New...

By Solarisastro @solarisastro
Pluto goes direct - The start of something new...

I've been waiting for this day for months now. Today, well actually this week, as Pluto moves so slowly. The Lord of Transformation finally brings a shift in the overall energy that we are travelling in at around 13.30 GMT today, as it turns direct. The words "power shift" comes to mind, as since mid-late spring, we have been caught up in an almost never ending cycle of retrograde frustration.

Think about it. Nothing that you have wanted to really get going has been able to flourish. Always something getting in the way, delays, blockages, lessons being learned. Always on hold, on hold, on hold. Why? Because the planets have decided that internally we have to change, and externally this world has to change too, but before that can happen, there needs to be a generational shift of attitudes.

Saturn Jupiter and Pluto all retrograde in Capricorn at the same time for so long has brought about a big change in internal consciousness, leading to a change in external practice. Masks, social distancing, being considerate of those around us. We never used to do those things, but now we do. We've been forced to change, because we had become too selfish as a race, too materialistic, to stuck in our own little self-contained worlds. Because we wouldn't adapt, the planets ganged up in the sign of structure and stability to make us do so.

Retrograde planets change us from within, and this summer was reset time. Remember we've also had Venus retrograde, Mars is retrograde too until next month and Uranus and Neptune remain going backwards for a while to come as well. Covid-19 has been representative of this moment in time. Yes it is a virus, but its effect on us has also been a way or a method of changing our attitudes too, and it's a condition that transforms us and affects us from within, just like the retrograde planets do.

Now as Pluto turns direct, it is the time of reckoning, as those internal changes are brought into the open. We will see the difference for all it's worth. And isn't it interesting that those at the top of the tree who have been the most culpable of this selfish, plutocratic power mad world; the ones who ignored the messages that the planets were giving us, are now the ones who have suddenly been struck down? Now that's mass karma for you.

I may be a little presumptuous in this assessment when this virus is raging around us, but Pluto joining Saturn and Jupiter direct seems like the end of the beginning, and we can start to make some progress to create the new world with new attitudes that the planets want us to make. It's time to start the work to develop a new reality. If we mess things up, then we will have to wait until the next Saturn Jupiter rendezvous in 20 years time.

So my plea to you is to start to implement things for the better, with your conscience and with the best of intentions, and make a difference in the coming months that will turn the corner, and make this a better world for us to live in for decades to come...

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