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Please Welcome: Janeane Pittman

By Nookandsea @KristinaMGulino

Hi everyone! I have very exciting news {drumroll please}! As you well know, Nook & Sea works with a team of fantastic contributors, and today, we welcome a fresh new face. Janeane Pittman of Janeane Pittman Interior Design in Huntington Beach. Janeane is coming onboard as Interior Design Contributor and I am stoked to introduce you to her amazing style, warm heart, and cheery, wonderful words. Take it away Janeane!


Often, I am asked what I do for a living and I have the pleasure of saying that I am an interior designer.  More likely than not, the response I get back is “FUN!”  After years of school and having hours of laboring under my belt, I sometimes did not feel that term that quite summed up my job.  It was not long though that I realized this is exactly what every one of my client’s needs to feel.  They need to have a fun time with the process of selecting what will go into their home.


I almost feel like an invader as I have been a Nook & Sea follower for a long time and now here I am writing an article introducing myself to the rest of you.  So, hello everyone, my name is Janeane Pittman and I am an interior designer (FUN)! : )  The essence of Nook & Sea has always been something I have admired.  Easy and breezy, uplifting, creative, and faith building are just some of the words I can quickly come up with.  These are qualities I have embraced in my life and they naturally spill over into my work as a designer.  


Designing a home is an extremely personal process.  You want to reflect your personality through style and have a space function to suit your lifestyle.  Finding that personal style is what I specialize in.  That is one of the biggest reasons my portfolio has so many different styles.  I am not here to take over your home, rather be a tool to make the most of what your hard earned money can purchase.  Janeane Pittman Interior Design offers services ranging from full service design to e-Design.  I want to make design accessible to people with both large and small projects.

To sum up what I personally love…color, lots of color, mixing patterns, art, statement wall treatments, always having at least one item in a room that makes people go “What?”, vintage, and incorporating heirloom pieces.  I also have a healthy obsession with bluebirds.  Well, I think the list could go on, but that might get a little boring.  I am so excited to be a part of Nook & Sea with Kristina as the new Interior Design Contributor.  I am looking forward to writing about design that you can hopefully use for your own home.

So, have FUN, and until next time, be blessed.


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