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Planning Your Business Plan

Posted on the 02 August 2013 by Gumptionent @gumptionent

As we addressed last time there are many different points of a business plan that are important to its success.
 * Find your value and plan for now (Read this Article to get some insight on
 *Don’t get caught up in “educated assumptions”
*  Let go of formulating too many predictions and see what actually works
As Steven Gedeon said in the video we posted last time: “writing is a guide to thinking.”  This is highly important for any section of a business plan
 * When we think we become prepared
 *When we are prepared we can discover and fix problems
 *We can sell ourselves, not just our product or service
If you think about the different sections of a business plan we have a few very heavy hitting topics.
 *How much is this going to MAKE us?  How much is this going to COST us?
*How are we going to enter the market?  Who IS our market and what is our product/service?
*Who are we as a company?
More than likely there are people already doing or planning on doing, exactly what you are undertaking as a company.  What really makes you different from them?  Why should someone let alone an investor even take the time to read your plan?  This is exactly why who we are as a company, is so important in a business plan.
I read an article from Dldouros on Shark Killer that went on about how a business plan must not be orientated just on what you do, but who you are, and how investing in you will actually just benefit them.  Think about it this way and it was perfectly put in that same article, “If you want someone to give you THEIR money, your business plan MUST be entirely focused on THEIR needs and THEIR desires.  Now this means you can use the exact same format and sections.  Give them the power of the thought that if they invest in you, you will take care of their needs and desires.  You have already addressed their needs and desires, and properly sold yourself to them.
Lastly we have some smart words from Tim Berry, “What you want from a plan is results, and the way to get results is to build specifics you can track.”
Let us close with this,*Sell Yourself
*Think of the investors desires and tone it with this in mind
*Plan for now and be flexible when you need to in the future
*Plan for results, Track specifics, Rinse and Repeat

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