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Pizza Omelette

By Invisiblestilettos
Good morning darlings! The lazy bug bit me and I'm a little late on my posting schedule.  I made this super easy and fast breakfast recipe yesterday morning and it tasted great.  It's summer now and all I can think of is the beach.  Sadly, I have a 48- to 60-hour work week and could not find the time to unwind.  This omelet recipe is inspired by the super delicious omelet we had on our last vacation at Puerto Galera.  They had this authentic Italian pizzeria called Luca's Miramare.  At the time we stayed  there, I could remember we had this every morning and we never get tired of eating it because it was so good.  We tried to recreate the recipe when we got home and I cook it from time to time.Pizza Omelette
For this recipe, the ingredients are:
1.  Tomatoes, diced
2.  Fresh basil leaves
3.  Parmesan cheese
4.  Eggs
5.  Onions, sliced then diced
Plus, salt and pepper to taste.Pizza Omelette
First, get a few fresh basil leaves and stack them up.  I suggest you own a basil plant.  It's so easy to care for and will give you lots of leaves for all your tomato dishes or even pesto!  There are a different varieties of basil but the my choice of basil for this recipe is the sweet basil.Pizza Omelette
Next, roll your stack like a cigar.  This would make the cutting of the leaves easier.  I think the cheffy term for this is chiffonade.  I'm not sure, I'm not a chef, hehehe!Pizza Omelette
Now, start cutting the basil leaves into strips.  They say cutting the basil this way would release more of the oils of the leaves making your dishes more fragrant.  Set those aside.Pizza Omelette
Next, once you diced your tomatoes, saute them in a hot pan with oil until the onions caramelize and the tomatoes are a bit soft.Pizza Omelette
Add the eggs to the pan then sprinkle it with Parmesan cheese.  You can also add bits of diced cheddar cheese like we did :)  This would add more creaminess to the omelet.Pizza Omelette
Once the bottom of the omelet sets, add in the basil then let the egg cook thoroughly.Pizza Omelette
You are now done!  This recipe is very versatile.  You can add some bacon bits or ham or even pepperoni if you want your "pizza" meatier.  I love it this way though, simple, fast, easy, and delicious.Pizza Omelette
Enjoy cooking this recipe.  I love eating this together with toasted wheat bread or ciabatta :)
Have a great Monday everyone!

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