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Pink Lacy Pants

By Sandrastanek @Sandrastanek
Pink lacy pants Pink on red aka deadly combo
Fall days have definitely come already which means I won't be able to wear my fav cat shoes for a long time, or at least not outside anymore. Doesn't make me the happiest, but it's for sure time to move onto wearing the stuff I haven't worn in literally ages, grab a ladder and climb up that meter or so to reach the long waited for booties. Which ones am I gonna wear first in the early fall? Simply, the ones that best match with pants. You have no idea ( or maybe you do) how hard it is to choose pants that go with boots. They usually can't be any of my wide legged pants but skinny pants or leggings. Bleh. Please go fast by winter, I know you won't but... just sayin'. Right now the weather is perfect - sometimes sunny sometimes not, just the way I like it so that I can use most of my wardrobe, oh and the hairy Acne sweater like here. Luckily... there's no problems with accessories, they can worn winter through summer.. and whatever else.
Pink lacy pants Last meow of the seasons. How intense.
I was wearing: Loafers - Charlotte Olympia, Sweater - Acne, Pants - Zara, Ring - Alexander McQueen

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