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Pindaya Cave in Myanmar

By Khanhpv

When you travel to Burma is almost negligible, to explore the Burma tourist destination, but you can not go anywhere, so we will help you find. In the great m to Burma, one of which is a Pindaya cave, please refer to.


 Pindaya cave next to the town of pindaya, single state, Burma (Burma) is a Buddhist pilgrimage site and a tourist attraction on a hillside, the limestone area myelat. There are three caves South - north to run on the mountain, but only the southern cave can enter and explore. I don't know the other two penetration of any distance is extended to the hillside.

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There is a temple of 15 meters (49 feet) the name of Shwe U Min (jinfosi cave) cave entrance in the south. Local legend, this property by Wang Temple and Asoka repair by the emperor alaungsithu in twelfth Century, but this does not prove that, from any source of history is different in its current form. This style, this is obviously the origin of the nearby temple.


There is a big bell South entrance. Reading on the Bell said it was cast in 1842 (654 years Vishche weighs 400 pounds).

The road day from 1925, when the entrance of modern cave was opened with explosives to destroy some images and epigraphs value, in this process, the establishment of a steel structure is to contain a pilgrim multi. From Japan is always committed to a series of sponsorship, not only from the Theravada community, but also from the Hindus in India, your community, and even China muslims.

This is a very attract tourists to travel to Burma, you should not miss an attractive destination.

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