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Pin The Tail on the Whatever Party Game

By Partycraftsecrets @partycraftsecrt
Pin The Tail on the Whatever Party GameIt's no secret that "Pin The Tail" on the whatever is a fun party game for kids.  All those years ago when I was young, party people were always sticking donkey-tails on donkey-behinds, but these days you can be more creative.  There's plenty of ready-made options you can buy, but why not get crafty and make your own party game.
Here's a few alternatives to get you thinking;
  • Hosting a Lego party?  Build a giant square block out of blue blocks, with one red block in the middle, then let kids blindly stick yellow blocks on the tower to get as close to the red as they can.
  • Got pirates?  Find a colouring-in page of a big boat, photocopy it to A3 and give everyone a skull-n-cross-bones sticker to be the pirate flag; aim for the top mast - winner takes all.
  • Room full of princesses?  'Kiss' a spinning frog balloon with sticker-kisses.
  • Print out one of the free kids' art templates at Paige's Place for an arty party, and let children decorate their picture with their eyes shut as a game with a quirky take home keepsake.
  • For a Hollywood-do, find a poster of a favourite movie star and let people put gold stars on it; you decide what you're aiming for!
There's really no limit to how you can use this game.  My only recommendation is to keep it simple.  Kids can't stand to wait too long for their turn, and complicated blindfolds can slow the process down and irritate kids and parents alike.  If party guests are wearing paper hats, pull those down over their eyes, and take for granted that peeking is the norm.  Numbered stickers are helpful, but if kids can't read, simply celebrate wins, or near-hits as you go.  Perhaps let kids go two at a time as they did at a recent party we went to, and accept that it'll get messy.  Whatever happens; as with all party games; remember it's all about having fun!
Lastly; a big thank you to Michelle's Craft for awarding me a Liebster's Blog Award; as nice as it is to have my family tell me how great I am, it's always super exciting (and humbling) to receive messages from 'out there' that tell you you're funny (in the ha-ha sense I'm hoping!)

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