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Pics from the Weekend!

By Cate @finally4ever

We had a pretty low key weekend around here. Two visits out to see Willow (!) and my first ever trip to Cracker Barrel… and a TON of rain. It was nice to have an excuse to be holed into the house most of the day on Saturday and all of Sunday afternoon. The rain also brought with it a break in the heat… finally. Finally! We opened all the windows last night and had to put an extra blanket on the bed. It was LOVELY to wake up to the fresh air this morning. It kind of, sort of, FINALLY feels like fall. The dogs are a little crazy though. ;)

I’m still pregnant, although Mike is still holding steady with his prediction that Charlotte will show up Thursday or Friday. My midwife will be on TDY (vacation) the week after that, and goodness knows now that I’ve found the wonderful woman, I want her there! Especially if Charlotte shows up before my mom can get here on Sunday and Mike has to stay home with Shannon. This pregnancy has been a rough one (I have a post on that, that I’ve been trying to bust out, but everything sounds kinda whiny) and I’m D.O.N.E. The amount of contractions that I’ve been having are not enough to admit me, but just enough to make life a PITA being home alone with Shannon all day (who, btw is still fighting naps and bed time… *sigh*). Ahh, the joys.

Anyways, how about some pictures from the weekend?


She loves bathtime…



Yes. This was 11PM on Saturday night…


We finally found and got to work washing *some* of Shannon’s newborn clothes… this is about 75% of the pile… Safe to say that Charlotte is all set.


That posted sign is normally about 6 feet tall… I think.


From the top of the driveway… yikes!


Bedtime stories


Watching for birds…


Interesting choice of clothes…

 I hope that y’all have a great Monday and hop on over to the #TeamWillow page for an awesome update!


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