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By Rubytuesday
I'm not a big magazine reader
I tend not to be that interested in celebrities and there shenanigans
But I know there are a lot of kids out there
That read these magazines
That look up to these celebrities
And try to emulate their style
And want to use the same products
Photoshopping seems to be rampant these days
A slang term that is used to describe any image that has been digitally altered or manipulated
And boy do the magazines and ads like to use it
I guess we have all been there
Looked at a photos of a celebrity or model in a magazine
And literally wanted to be them and look like them
Their flawless and radiant skin
Perfectly coiffed hair
Endlessly long legs
Not a stretch mark or blemish in sight
It can be really depressing
And we inevitably compare ourselves
We for get that these images are photoshopped
Manipulated to within an inch of their lives
This image is pretty famous
There is just no way, no how that the proportions of this girls body can be real
Look at her legs
He waist
Her teeny tiny arms
And we are supposed to emulate this?
It's physically impossible
Both photos are of the same woman
With 50 pounds shaved off the first photo
In 1989
Oprah Winfrey graced the cover of TV Guide
This was before there was photoshop
So photos had to be manipulated the old fashioned was
Oprah's head was pasted on to Anne Margaret's body
Without either of their permission
This photo of Kate Winslet was taken in 2009
She was outraged when British GQ slimmed her down without her permission
Apart from the fact that Kate appreciates her own natural body
You can actually see her real reflection in the mirror behind her
Rookie mistake
In March 2009
A mistakenly unretouched version of this Kim Kardashian photograph appeared on the Complex magazine web site
When it was replaced by the retouched version later on
There was uproar
In 2011 Rolling Stone published this vamped up version of Katie Perry's photograph
Here they seem to have smoothed her skin
And increased her bust size
But to me this photo doesn't look a whole lot different
And I don't see why they had to photoshop it
She looks amazing before she was retouched
In 2005 Dove launched their campaign for their firming lotions
The campaign was fronted by ads with 'real' women of various sizes, shapes and ethnicities
In order to 'change the way society views beauty'
And to 'provoke discussion and debate ' about public perceptions of beauty
The campaign was sullied when a prominent photo retoucher told The New Yorker about about the challenges if doctoring the women to make them look real but no unattractive
Public outcry did much damage to the ads
These are just some of the images that have made the headlines over the years
It seems that us girls are expected to be perfect
And real bodies are not acceptable
Perfection is the goal
And it's am impossible goal
What do you think about photoshopping?

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