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By Musicforhair @musicforhair


Photograph by Yagoto Ginji [Flickr page]

I have had a increasing addiction to sites like Flickr, spending my evenings looking at photography. Sadly its not going down well with my eye sight or my girlfriend, thankfully the day of romance is over for another year and I can yet again explore the four corners of the internet.

I joke of course I’m romantic all year round, making pots of tea for her when she gets home. She’s easily pleased and awesome (just in case she reads this).

Here is a collection of photography from the wonderful world of Flickr.

Brighton November

Photograph by Simon Burgess [Flickr page]


Luz de verano


Photograph by Ana Belén Ramón [Flickr page]


Jasmine behind-the-scenes 2011


Photograph by Michael Raso [Flickr page]


Sleeping Beauty LIV...


Photograph by Luke Da Duke [Flickr page]

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