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Photo Essay: An Hour in Verona

By Ingridd @cosytraveler

After our visit to Sirmione, Lars and I had a choice. We could stick to the Garda Lake or go somewhere else. We chose the second option, had a quick look at our map and were off to Verona. Yes, just like that…

The name brings back sweet memories from my years at university. Shakespeare and his sonnets and his plays. I remember reading Romeo and Juliet and being swept away by the passion and the drama. And, of course, the tragic story takes place in … Verona!

But something else had caught my attention in my travel guide. There is also an amphitheater in Verona! I had already seen the one in Rome and even one in Tunisia. Apparently, the Verona Arena is the third biggest in Italy and could seat 25.000 spectators.

First, we had to get rid of the car and walk through some of the grand streets of the town. Then we arrived at the largest piazza of Verona, the Piazza Bra, where the arena is located. It’s more than 130 metres long and 110 meters wide; I simply could not fit it in one picture.

We didn’t go inside the arena though. Instead, Lars and I went for a drink and soaked up the atmosphere. The arena and Juliet’s balcony have to wait for our visit…


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