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Phlegm Friday

By Brisdon @shutuprun

Remind me to keep my mouth shut.

In my last post I was telling you how energized I was by my Ironman training.  How surprised I was that I wasn’t dragging.

Yeah, well, forget that.

The day after I wrote that Joie and I went on a longish run (~14 miles).


The scenery was gross unless you like mountains, blue skies, horse pastures and sunshine. Actually, in the picture below I am trying to capture a picture of a local running celebrity, Paul Roberts, who just blazed past us. He is a high school sophomore and runs a 4:23 mile, a 15:26 5K and a 33:00 10K. I could so do that if I wanted to. He was obviously too fast to capture:


I started dragging towards the end of this run, feeling more tired than I thought I “should” feel (I’m sure Paul Roberts was feeling the same way).

Don’t you love how we judge ourselves this way? If I am dragging on a run I want to find a reason -maybe I didn’t eat enough, didn’t sleep well last night or am still recovering from yesterday’s workout. But in reality, maybe I am just having a crappy day and there is no rhyme or reason. It’s OKAY!

That afternoon I hit the wall. Tired. Sleepy. Unmotivated. Scratchy throat. NO! I will not get sick.  I shut up and got up the next morning and swam 3,000 yards and ran 7.1 miles. Then I was even more tired. Sleepy.

This morning I’ve got a full blown head cold. TGIARD (Thank God It’s a Rest Day). If you are wondering why we have a bucket beside the fireplace it is in case I spontaneously vomit. Just kidding. It’s because our damn roof is leaking.


BTW, it’s always a rest day for the amazing Heidi. She did, after all, go to the mail box and back.


And, what a perfect day for a RD. It is actually snowing outside. Yes, I said “snowing” and this shit better clear out before my 5 hour brick in the morning. I bet Paul Roberts doesn’t do bricks.


What’s the weather where you are? Winter yet?

What are you reading right now? I’ve got several: Be Iron FitYou are an Ironman and Reconstructing Amelia (fiction).


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