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Philosophy, Psychology Or Cognitive Science?

Posted on the 17 July 2015 by Calvinthedog

Most of life boils down to something like this:

Observe object or event -> Question it – What is this object? What is this event? -> Search for past examples of object or event or similar things -> Find them -> Look for pattern to connect present object or event with past similar objects or events -> Discover pattern, apply it to object or event and fit it into a basic pattern which has meaning beyond your simple observation -> Apply extra meaning to event or object based on pattern recognition -> Gain much better understanding of event or object via application of extra meaning -> Make predictions about the future based on applying pattern recognition to object or event.

I wrote this on a prior post. I am actually rather proud of that paragraph.

Now, a question for the commenters. Is that Philosophy, Psychology, Cognitive Science, some combination of these things, or something else entirely?

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