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Peridot : Green & Glamorous

By Simonea
Peridot : Green & Glamorous
I always think of jewelry as an elegant way to accessorize any look, I especially like birthstone jewelry. Though it is not much different from classic or modern gemstone jewelry, it is something that connects you with who you are. 

For some people birthstones are the symbols of twelve months of the year. For others, they bring good luck and charm. In any case, birthstone jewelry is awesome to compliment any style....and with nice online stores, it is easy and affordable to get your choice of birthstone jewelry.I have a good collection of gemstone pieces and I was thinking of adding a few more, I am planning to get a peridot ring or a pendant. I fell in love with this gem at Angara, an online jewelry store....the ring I like there is set in rose gold and the pink and the olive green makes a stunning contrast.

Peridot is a very old gemstone and its bright olive green shade is a popular choice for jewelry. The stone looks soft and radiant in any metal. It is a wonderful gem to wear at outdoor parties. 
I would preferably wear it with earth tones as green compliments such shades very well. A simple peridot ring or a pair of dangling earrings is a nice choice for summer. However, anytime is good to show off something like peridot

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