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Pepita Ying - Yang & Ribbons

By Nuttercouture23 @AnikaLovelace

Pepita Ying - Yang & RibbonsPepita Ying - Yang & RibbonsPepita Ying - Yang & Ribbons
                                        (vintage pepita pattern shirt, Iacopo shoes, Modea tracksuit trousers, Ann Christine fringed bag)
I'm one of the people who definitely doesn't know how to dress in accordance with weather. I was at the cousin's and had an appointment with my Darling to see him later. And I was dressed only in undershirt & shorts, with uncomfy platforms, which was good during the day, but in the evening....brrrrrrr...cold.... Then  I came home,  and figured out that parents were either gone somewhere and I had no keys to enter in my place and to change my clothes. So, I remembered - maybe my aunt, who lives next door is at home. And she was. I was in a big hurry so I told her to give me something comfy and long-sleeved/leg. As I've told you before, she had a big renewing of her apartment , but still hasn't get rid of everything, so fortunately, she gave to me this pepita -  patterned shirt, trousers and shoes, and I totally fell on this ribbon details. This is one of express - outfits, but all in all, when I saw myself in the mirror, I thought - not bad! Ofcourse that I was late for my date, but he would rather wait for me and see me healthy every day than I hurry and got cold so we won't be able to see each other for a while. 

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