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People Skills: Do You Like It All?

By Shawnaschuh
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A handsome stag with majestic antlers admired himself in a lake. As he looked at his reflection, he thought, “My antlers are beautiful! But these spindly legs of mine are so thin I wish I could hide them.”

Just then a hunter’s arrow whizzed by, and the stag bounded into the woods. His beautiful antlers caught and snagged on the low branches of a tree. Struggling, he finally pulled himself free. If it hadn’t been for the exquisite speed of the stag’s legs, the hunters surely would have captured him.

After that, w hen the handsome stag gazed at his spindly legs, his pride would swell. “In times of danger,” he thought, “they serve me well.”

How often are we like that stag? We look at ourselves and enjoy certain things and criticize others?

We do that with other people too – we enjoy certain characteristics about them and other traits they have drive us crazy.

The lesson in this tale from Aesop is this – What if every part of us – and every part of others was all there for good? Even those things we haven’t quite figured out yet –

It reminds me of the question I sometimes have about living things – like a mosquito – as it buzzes around irritating me – I think – “I wonder what the reason for this creature is?” Actually I think more intense thoughts…

I don’t have to know – maybe it will protect me – however my challenge to you and me today is to think of everything about us as needed and good.

Here’s a final quote for you on this Friday by Anonymous,

“Wealth is not measured by just what we have, but rather by what we have for which we would not take money.”

Remember, you create your day by the way you think, make it magnificent!

Blessings, Shawna

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