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People Get Thrown out of the Section 8 Program All the Time

Posted on the 22 July 2015 by Calvinthedog

Godslayer writes:

You clearly have no idea how “section 8″ works.

You can’t simply “kick a tenant out” for damaging your property.

You will need to file papers, You will need to go to court to present your case.

You also need evidence that there is damage, GOOD LUCK WITH THAT since landlords are not allowed to enter without permission!

All of this costs time and money (no problem for a section 8 black because he doesn’t work.

By the time you see the judge 8 months have passed.

The judge rules in favor and orders Section 8 tenant to pay for damages with his non existent job.

A couple months later the Marshall comes in and evicts the tenant.

Landlord discovers that section 8 tenant has done 10’s of thousands of dollars in damage to the property to “get revenge” on the landlord.

Section 8 black goes to find another place to live, he can even sue for discrimination if you reject him!

But in reality this is what mostly happens

Section 8 black trashes the place.

Landlord doesn’t know because he can’t enter without permission.

Section 8 black lives there until the damages accumulate to tens of thousands in damages

Eventually things get so bad that section 8 tenant asks for landlord to fix the stove/fridge etc…

The landlord needs to play the eviction game and wait 8 months

The ONLY way to prevent a section 8 black is to have crazy requirements like must make 40x the rent, must have no criminal record, minimum credit score and apply it equally to everyone who comes to look at the rental property.

The housing inspector has NO authority to kick out the tenant.

The only thing the housing inspector does is check for roaches, broken appliances, leaks or other hazardous conditions and gives the tenant a right to demand that the landlord correct what the housing inspector found.

I do not know man. Here in this complex all problem tenants get evicted on a regular basis. I never heard there is much of a problem about it. This is an apartment complex run by a corporation.

A few years ago, my brother was told to turn down the music in his apartment. He said, “Fuck you!” to the manager. He was then evicted. There was no problem evicting him. It was no big deal.

I tell you what. I have a White friend on Section 8. She has cats. Well, the cats were shitting on the carpet and whatnot. They were also using the litter box a lot. On the day of a Section 8 inspection, the Section 8 inspector came and took one step in the door and said this whole apartment smells like cat shit. He turned around and said, “I am failing you.” My friend flipped out.

For the next few weeks, it was back and forth between Section 8, the landlord and my friend. They were pretty much going to throw her off Section 8 and the landlord was going to evict her because if she was off the program, she could not pay the rent, but somehow they got her back on. Her Mom had to go over there, and they spent days cleaning the place up, spent $100’s on cleaning the carpet, etc. It was a great big nightmare.

You say the housing inspector has no right to throw out a tenant. True, but apparently they can throw them off  Section 8 because that is exactly what they did to her. My male friend also got thrown off Section 8 for supposedly not turning in his paperwork. In both cases, HUD simply threw them off the program. Now that does not mean they were evicted. They were simply tossed off Section 8.

I am told we have a number of Section 8 tenants in this complex. I am not aware of any disastrous consequences such as destroying units. I been in a number of units, and I haven’t seen one ruined one yet. The landlord inspects units regularly, and the complex itself inspects units. The complex inspection team failed me the last inspection because they said I was using my place as a storage unit, not a living space. I was really scared, but I cleaned things up really well. I had a bunch of boxes laying around. They told me flat out that if I did not get rid of those boxes, they were going to evict me.

Another friend did turn in his paperwork on time, but somehow HUD lost it. He got a notice that said we sent you 2 paperwork packets, and you did not fill out either of them, so we are throwing you off Section 8. You have a right to appeal. Here is the appeal date. Fortunately he was able to prove that he had actually turned in the material, so he was put back on Section 8, but he was scared shitless.

I know a few White people on Section 8 around here, and they are all really scared of being thrown off.

If the HUD inspector comes around and you have thrashed that place, they will fail you. I am not sure if they give you a chance to clean it up. I have been at my friend’s place when the inspector came, and it is no light matter.

You say that the only way to prevent a Section 8 Black is to have all sorts of crazy requirements.

Well, before living in this city, I lived in two White towns in the mountains. I had some White friends in those towns who wanted to get on Section 8 in the county, and they were told that not one single landlord in either of those two towns of 25,000 people took Section 8. There were many rental units in those towns. It appears it is fairly trivial to refuse to participate in the Section 8 program. Most landlords participate in it because they like it, mostly for the reliable rent.

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