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Pentecost Parfaits

By Veronica46

These Pentecost Parfaits are full of strawberry goodness. They are simple enough for the kids to make and perfect to celebrate the birthday of the Catholic Church.

Pentecost Parfaits

Pentecost is a prominent feast in the Catholic Church.

It is also known as Whitsunday.

It celebrates the decent of the Holy Spirit upon the eleven Apostles of Christ; of course Judas is persona non grata, with reason.

Pentecost Parfaits

What better way to celebrate the Birthday of the Church with these delicious parfaits?

For a breakfast treat you could substitute the whipped topping for yogurt.

Pentecost Parfaits
Pentecost Parfaits

Pentecost Parfaits



Peace be with you,


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