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Penis Soup Anyone?

Posted on the 10 November 2013 by Calvinthedog


A gang of 29 members of an anti-cannibal cult, including 8 women, were arrested for murdering 8 sorcerers, chopping up their bodies into pieces. They happily munched on the brains raw (there is no better way to eat them to be honest) and they also cut out hearts, livers and other juicy bits and gave them to their chief trainers of the cult to use to create concoctions for the members of the cult to use in some way or another, probably by consuming them.

They took the juiciest bits of all, the penises, and made a hearty and delicious soup out of them. Now I have eaten a lot of weird foods before, but I have yet to sample penis soup. The bodies of the victims have yet to be recovered. A local police commander offered up a theory, “They have probably already been eaten up,” he suggested.

In the photo below, a man who looks like a Filipino seems to be taking a huge bite out of what looks like either an arm or a leg. No, not a leg of lamb silly! A leg of human! Wonder what it tastes like?

Personally I do not see why penis soup is such a big deal. So they eat penises. Lots of people like to do that. Head on over to San Fransisco if you don’t believe me.

Man consuming an appendage of some sort.

Man consuming an appendage of some sort.

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