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Penelope Cruz, Javier Bardem Having Another Baby

Posted on the 01 February 2013 by Jenmcd @jen_mcdonnell
Javier Bardem and Penelope Cruz in Vicky Cristina Barcelona

Javier Bardem, Penélope Cruz and in Vicky Cristina Barcelona. (Photo: Alliance Films)

-Penelope Cruz is reportedly pregnant and expecting her second genetically perfect child with hubby Javier Bardem.

-In other baby news, here’s Evan Rachel Wood‘s tiny belly bump.

-The 30 Rock finale was perfection, no? I also liked this interview between the guys who play Pete and Lutz. Did you know Lutz and the woman who plays Sue are married IRL?

-Matthew McConaughey says a Magic Mike sequel is ”legitimately brewing.”  (I watched it over the holidays with my mother, who made me stop and rewind Joe Manganiello‘s pump scene. True story.)

-Who cares about football? Beyonce has released another video of her prepping for her halftime performance.

-Jennifer Lawrence says Jimmy Kimmel‘s producer got her a little tipsy before the show with tequila shots, which may explain why she told the story about her uneven boobs.

-Speaking of boobs, Lena Dunham says she won’t be showing hers on Girls any more.

-Kareem Abdul-Jabbar has written a review of Girls. I have no idea why, but I enjoyed it more than James Franco‘s.

-Meanwhile, James Franco‘s next project will be a documentary on Gucci, for some reason.

-Steven Tyler snuck into the American Idol auditions last night dressed as a (really ugly) woman.

-With one tweet, Ashton Kutcher just proved he can pull off his Steve Jobs role.

-Katie Holmes went bowling and this is news, apparently.

-Also, Katie‘s official reason for not showing at New York Fashion Week kills me!

-Lady Gaga‘s six-hour sworn deposition against her former personal assistant Jennifer O’Neill has been released, and it ain’t pretty. She called O’Neill a “hood rat” and a “disgusting human being.”

-I actually think I would love Rooney Mara’s weird dress if it wasn’t white.

-It’s cute how Nicole Kidman is trying to convince us that she no longer uses Botox.

-Vulture’s tweet says it all: “Serious Director David Fincher is directing the ‘Suit & Tie’ video for Serious Actor Justin Timberlake.”

-Miley Cyrus continues to try to convince us that she’s totally rock ‘n roll now by getting a tat from Kat Von D.

-Channing Tatum and Jimmy Fallon played with sticky balls last night.

-Liberty Ross is celebrating her split from Kristen Stewart-schtupper Rupert Sanders by posing nude in a UK magazine.

-Hannibal has been shooting next to my office for days and I still haven’t spotted Claire Danes! (Though to be fair, I’ve been mostly keeping my eyes peeled for Gillian Anderson.)

-Is a woman actually trying to stand up to Harvey Weinstein? Pray for her.

-This should fill your ‘bad mental image’ quota for the month: Katie Couric says Larry King once ‘lunged’ at her during a bad date.

-I don’t watch Downton Abbey but I still appreciate Sesame Street’s spoof of it.

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