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Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth Are “Hanging in There”

Posted on the 30 May 2013 by Jenmcd @jen_mcdonnell

-Wait, so Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus haven’t broken up after all? Le sigh.

-Meanwhile, Miley and Snoop‘s new video dropped today.

-I’m actually relieved about Connie Britton not being able to star in Girls. Seeing Tami Taylor and Hannah Horvath share a screen may make my head explode.

-Speaking of Connie, she’s in the Hollywood Reporter‘s new roundtable with Monica Potter, Kerry Washington, Kate Mara, Anna Gunn and Elisabeth Moss. I haven’t watched it yet because it’s an hour long and is going to require my full attention…and a glass of wine.

-Peter Dinklage is in the new X-Men movie? Bring it, Tyrion!

-Cameron Diaz may be dating a billionaire who’s delightfully named Elon Musk.

-Amanda Bynes just posted a fake photo of her with Rihanna, which is supposed to prove that she never Twitter dissed the singer…or something.

-Meanwhile, Amanda visited an indoor trampoline park and managed not to get arrested of cry in the shower. Progress!

-Tom Hardy is rumoured to be in talks to play Elton John – which is kind of perfect.

-For some reason, Jaden Smith dressed up in a full Iron Man costume to take Kylie Jenner on a date.

-Speaking of Jaden, I saw a preview screening of After Earth last night. So bad. So very, very bad. The kind of bad that actually makes you a little angry after seeing it. No wonder it’s only at 15% on Rotten Tomatoes.

-Grumpy Cat just landed a movie deal. This is real life. (Betting it’ll still be better than After Earth, though.)

-In other movie news, I’m stoked that The East could end up being the sleeper hit of the summer (after Before Midnight, of course).

-The corrections at the end of this NYT article on Daft Punk made me laugh.

-Netflix is willing to pretend that everyone loves the new Arrested Development episodes enough to consider ordering more.

-Viggo Mortensen doesn’t just act in movies; he reads the source material and is willing to turn down paying gigs if the role isn’t canon.

-Also turning down big-paying gigs is Johnny Depp, but for much less admirable reasons.  He reportedly dropped out of the Whitey Bulger movie because they could only pay him $10 million, and his usual fee is $20 million. Well, this isn’t the first time he’s come across as a stingy rich dude.

-I kind of love that Oprah posted a photo of herself fangirling over Hugh Jackman.

-Busy Phillips thinks everyone needs to chill the eff out when it comes to scrutinizing pregnant celebrities.

-No surprise here: Mariah Carey just confirmed her exit from Idol.

-It’s been a big week for Sir Patrick Stewart: he ate his first “slice” of pizza, and he had an emotional meeting with a domestic abuse victim he helped save. Ahem. Excuse me, just have a little something in my eye…

-Ottawa announced that it will give Grey’s Anatomy star Sandra Oh the key to the city. (Let’s hope that unlocks the Elgin Street Diner’s kitchen. Unlimited poutine!)

-Private Practice‘s KaDee Strickland and Roswell‘s Jason Behr (aka – the couple I still can’t wrap my head around) are expecting their first kid. (And he’s older than her? Seriously guys, mind = blown!)

-Oh come on! Kit Harington keeps getting photographed in my neighbourhood. How have I not seen him yet?!

-The international trailer for This Is the End has landed. Still funny.

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