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Peach and Mango Mousse Cake

By Shalinidigvijay @shalinidigvijay
Its raining Mangoes here in Mumbai. Anywhere you look you see crates upon cardboard boxes of mangoes-Alphonso Mangoes no less.  You know me-not a mangophille at all...but since our friends are ,I had to make an effort. Peach and Mango Mousse CakeBut I needed something out of the ordinary, something more beautiful than the mangoes. Peaches.Truth be told, I had a tin of peach halves in my pantry that had been coaxing me to do something with them. Just like my Dulce de Leche can are doing right now.Anyways ,Peaches.And cream .
Peach and Mango Mousse CakeAnd all you need is stuff you can buy and a few hours to chill your dessert.Then call some friends over,keep the drinks flowing and enjoy the desserts. The mousse cake is light because of the egg whites and a little sweet with the syrup from the peaches and mango-ey.  In stands tall and pretty.
for the
Peaches and Mango Mousse cake
you need
1 spongecake homemade or store bought4 large mangoes1 can peach halves300 mils cream-I used Rich5 egg whites2 tbsp gelatin5-6 tbsp icing sugar to taste
Start with the sponge.slice in half and lay the half on a plate and fill 6 pretty glasses with the cake layer.Peach and Mango Mousse CakeWhisk the egg whites In clean dry bowl with a few drops of lemon juice till stiff peaks form.
whip the cream till stiff and till it holds peaks.
Peach and Mango Mousse CakePeel and dice the mangoes, and a couple of halves of the peaches. Pour a few tbsp of the peach syrup over the cake base and layer with the chopped fruit. I use a ring for my desserts ,you can use the ring from your spring form tin or just make it in pretty glass serving dish.
Peach and Mango Mousse CakeSprinkle the gelatin over 1/4 cup of cold water and allow to blossom or absorb the water and then place over a simmering pan of water to.melt the gelatin.
Peach and Mango Mousse CakePuree the remaining mangoes to measure 1cup and 1/4 cup. Fold the mango puree into the cream and then fold in the egg whites gently. Make sure that there is no egg white liquid at tje base. You can wash your beater and whip the egg whites again. Fold in the melted gelatin.
Peach and Mango Mousse CakePour over the cake base and glasses. Allow the mousse to set for at least 4 hours in the fridge.
In the meanwhile, slice the peach halves into wedges.
Peach and Mango Mousse CakeArrange over the mousse cake after removing the ring. Just run a knife around the inside of the  ring and pull it up...
Peach and Mango Mousse CakeVoilà. ..
The holes talk of a whisk well worked and a mousse well set.
Peach and Mango Mousse CakeAnd the peaches look pretty too..
Peach and Mango Mousse CakeSlice with your knife dipped into warm water and wipe before each cut.A clean slice every time.
And because its so well made the edges are sharp angles....
Peach and Mango Mousse Cake
A tiny bite of cream and the golden mango puree and some golden fruit. Yes you can taste the peaches and the mango separately. ..each has its own bite and its own give.
Peach and Mango Mousse Cake
Try this today....all it needs is a few fresh ingredients and aome elbow grease.
So what are you baking today???

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