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PC Black Label Collection: In Stores Near You

By Fashiontofood @FashiontoFood
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PC black label
Foodies rejoice! Why? Because President's Choice (PC) has just launched a new line called PC Black Label Collection. I'd read about this in the Financial Post last month. It's a smart move obviously. Without getting too deep into business & brand strategy, I think companies like Loblaws are emulating what Target started years ago - offering value AND quality together. Customers like bargains. They like to buy good quality products at fair prices. Companies like Target are recognizing this to be true not just for people on a small budget but for most middle, upper-middle and even high class families as well. The ingenuity of Target is that while offering value, they don't compromise on quality, design or exclusivity of products. In fact, they have blurred the lines for majority of shoppers when it comes to the meaning of buying/owning luxury brand products (Missoni for Target v. Missoni the brand). Customers want to feel good about finding bargains and bringing home special goods but without giving up the aspirational emotions.
The PC Black Label Collection appears to have some very unique looking products at good prices. From mouth watering condiments, beverages, oil & vinegars to pasta and pasta sauces, this new label should bridge the gap between your regular grocery store and the speciality store.

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